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We are a creative digital agency that thrives on disrupting the ordinary. Established in 2011, we specialize in turning traditional ideas upside down to deliver extraordinary results.
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Our UX service focuses on designing seamless interfaces that resonate with users, bringing satisfaction and driving user engagement. We blend aesthetics with functionality to create user-centric designs that not only look great but also feel intuitive and easy to navigate.


Whether you're a startup aiming to leave a mark or an established giant exploring options for a digital facelift, we dive deep into your brand DNA, and combine our skills and knowledge to develop business strategies that resonate with your needs.

product development

Our unique and data-driven product development approach ensures your product doesn’t just turn heads; it turns profits. Plus, we won’t rest until we are 100% certain that your product works and wows. We can help you create a damn good product!

sales & CX

We curate customer journeys that surprise, engage, and make the users indulge in an unforgettable affair with your product and brand. Are you ready for sales that don’t just close, but shout from the rooftops?

growth strategy

Our growth strategies are not just about numbers, they are about unlocking the true potential. We combine creativity with cutting-edge analytics to identify opportunities that others overlook. That’s how we craft growth strategies that are edgy, effective, and seismic.

design & web dev

We obsess over pixels like artists obsess over brush strokes. Every element is carefully crafted, and every detail is thoughtfully placed. Because good design isn’t good enough. It has to be perfect. It has to scream: “Hell, yes!”

creative thinking

This one is fun! Our creative thinking service is designed to break the mold and push boundaries. We specialize in strategies and innovative solutions that challenge conventional thinking. By embracing creativity at every turn, we help you discover unique perspectives and transformative ideas.

Epic Client Encounters

Here's the inevitable name-drop section. Tough choices were made from our 150+ client list, but we've spotlighted a few stars from our global industry-spanning roster.

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Glitch & A1 Group:
12 years & over 150 projects

Over the past 12 years, Glitch has forged a dynamic partnership with A1 Group, a testament to enduring collaboration and mutual growth.

Our journey with A1 Group has spanned across North Macedonia, Croatia, and Serbia, impacting over 5 million users with large range of services. The services provided to A1 Group members have been instrumental in their digital transformation and market success.

Award-winning campaign for the TV Show InTreatment

NaTerapija, a local adaptation of the acclaimed TV series InTreatment, captivated audiences with its 45-episode run. In a groundbreaking campaign, we brought each character to life through online personas, posting daily content in sync with the TV airing.

This innovative strategy sparked immense excitement and social media buzz, engaging over 1.2 million users and generating hundreds of thousands of interactions. The show achieved a remarkable 21.3% TV share, and our campaign's success was recognized and celebrated with numerous accolades and awards.

Raising the Bar: Digital Mastery in the Wine & Spirits Sector

Glitch has redefined the digital footprint of wine and spirits leaders like Stock, Badel 1862, and Tikves Winery, merging tradition with modernity in our digital innovative projects.

We've enhanced their online presence and brand identity, upholding their legacy in the digital age with a focus on ethical consumption.

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The Partner Collective

Each partner brings a unique set of skills, perspectives, glitches and ideas that challenge the status quo. Together, the partners form the core of Glitch and lead a unique network of over 20 professionals.


Founding Partner






Founding Partner

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